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Dan Edgar CONFIRMS he has split from Amber Turner for good



Dan EdgarDan Edgar confirmed his split from Amber Turner [Instagram ]

Dan Edgar and ex Amber Turner secretly celebrated Valentine’s Day last month after their split in a bid to see where their relationship stood, but Dan has now confirmed that they are over for good. 

Dan, 28, told The Sun Online: “We started speaking again and decided to go out and have a chat to see what both of our views are, but we came to the decision it was best left.

“We aren’t together anymore. We got to Christmas and it wasn’t working out, so I had to walk away from it and I think that’s for the best for both of us.

Dan Edgar and Amber Turner have opened up on their relationshipDan Edgar and Amber Turner celebrated Valentine’s Day together but have split for good[Dave J Hogan/Getty Images]

“I just wasn’t happy at the end and I thought it was the right thing to do.”

He added: “There were reasons why it didn’t work before and those haven’t gone away.”

Amber is one of 10 The Only Way Is Essex stars who were axed from the show before the start of the new series, and Dan said that it is a “relief” to not have to film with Amber. 

Amber Turner Dan Edgar Dan says it is a “relief” that Amber is not filming for the new series of TOWIE[Instagram ]

He said: “It is a relief not to have the agg and to have to deal with the arguments and the fall outs.

“It is nice to be able to come away and relax and have a laugh. It’s nice not to have the worry of the relationship going round in circles.”

However, Dan believes that Amber’s time on the hit show is not over yet and that she could be set for a comeback. 

Amber posed alongside co-stars Lauren Pope, Chloe Lewis, Georgia Kousoulou and Chloe Sims at the ITV PaloozaDan believes Amber could return to TOWIE in the future[Lia Toby/]

Dan has just returned form filming the new series of TOWIE in ThailandDan has just returned form filming the new series of TOWIE in Thailand [Dan Edgar/ Instagram]

He said: “I think she will come back, I don’t think she will be gone forever. She’s been a big character.”

The couple first broke up just before Christmas, despite appearing loved-up just a month before.

Amber confirmed the split in a statement on Instagram as she wrote: “I know lot of you have been speculating so I would just like to confirm that YES me & dan have decided to split.”

She added: “Sometimes people have to figure out there own path in life before trying to bring someone on that journey with them.”

Dan has just returned form filming the new series of TOWIE in Thailand, alongside co-stars including Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green and Chloe Sims. 

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