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Diamond Dallas Page Helps 475-Pound Man Drop 200 Pounds!



Diamond Dallas Page took a 475-pound man — and nearly cut him in half — helping the guy shed 200 POUNDS … with some help from comic Bert Kreischer

It’s an unbelievable story … Bert — who famously performs without a shirt — has been on a health kick and posted a story on his social media about Vance Hinds, an obese man who wanted help losing weight. 

The pro wrestling legend stepped up and reached out to the 475-pound man … offering to coach him through his patented DDP Yoga program — the same program that Jake “The Snake” Roberts credits with saving his life. 

The results … AMAZING. 

After 365 days, Hinds dropped 198 pounds … and he documented the entire journey on video. 

DDP tells TMZ Sports he couldn’t be more proud of the guy — but the work ain’t done yet. Hinds says he’s gunning to drop another 100 POUNDS with Page’s help. 

Of course, Page is super confident he can hit the goal weight — and if you know anything about DDP, dude doesn’t ever fail.

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