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How to Unlock the Bergusia Forge (4th Forge) in Destiny 2



destiny 2 bergusia forge

The fourth and final forge for Destiny 2 has officially been added into the game and that means it’s time to actually unlock it. Just like the Izanami Forge, players will need to complete a series of steps to make this activity available. However, unlike the previous forges which required players to finish a long quest, the Bergusia Forge is tied to the Niobe Labs dungeon.

The newest end game activity added to Destiny 2, the Bergusia Forge will only unlock once a fireteam finishes the puzzle in the Niobe Labs dungeon. After the worlds first complete this challenge, the fourth forge will be available for everyone to play. This was confirmed by Bungie on their Twitter account, so if you are not up for cracking codes then just wait a day or so until a team beats it. We suspect it won’t take that long for a fireteam to complete the new code, especially since there is already a cipher.

At the time of writing this, teams are currently attempting to unlock the forge by decoded cryptic messages hidden on the walls. You will need specific Black Armory weapons for this part, so if you haven’t already, start grinding for the various weapons that Ada-1 offers.

If you plan on trying to solve the puzzle, we strongly suggest using the handy guide on all of Black Armory’s cryptic messages put together by the community at r/raidsecrets. You can find the entrance to the Niobe Labs in the Sojourner’s Camp south of the Outskirts in the EDZ. A metal bridge has popped up that takes players to a new area. Just follow the path until you see a cavbe entrance and go inside.

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