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Patriots Schedule 2019: Leaks, Opponents & Predictions



Patriots Schedule 2019: Leaks, Opponents & Predictions

New England Patriots 2019 NFL schedule leaks predictions


New England Patriots QB Tom Brady

The defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots know who they’ll face in the 2019 NFL season, but the dates and times are the talking points now. After the matchups for each team were revealed at the end of last season, both the home and road opponents for Tom Brady and company are locked in.

While the official 2019 team schedules will be released on Wednesday, April 17 at 8 p.m. ET, that doesn’t mean there aren’t leaks that come out in the hours prior. We’ll be updating this post with any leaks and additional information that are revealed and will then update the official Patriots schedule once it’s posted.

What we do already know is that the Patriots will be in primetime during Week 1, but it’s not a Thursday Night Football matchup. Instead, they’ll be on Sunday Night Football to start the year. We’ll start with New England’s opponents and then detail any leaks or information on New England’s schedule.

Patriots Schedule 2019: Home Opponents & Predictions

*Note: All opponents for the 2019 season courtesy of FBS Schedules. Predictions may change after the official schedule is revealed.

Buffalo Bills Win
Miami Dolphins Win
New York Jets Win
Cleveland Browns Loss
Pittsburgh Steelers Win
Dallas Cowboys Win
New York Giants Win
Kansas City Chiefs Loss

Predicted home record: 6-2

Patriot Schedule 2019: Away Opponents & Predictions

Buffalo Bills Win
Miami Dolphins Win
New York Jets Loss
Baltimore Ravens Loss
Cincinnati Bengals Win
Houston Texans Loss
Philadelphia Eagles Win
Washington Redskins Win

Predicted road record: 5-3

Predicted final record: 11-5

Patriots 2019 NFL Schedule Leaks

We know the Patriots will open the season at home on Sunday Night Football, but the opponent hasn’t been made official. NFL Schedule Leaks pointed to a matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs, but that has not yet been confirmed.

Along with the Chiefs, there’s a belief that the other top options for the Week 1 matchup will be the Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns or Pittsburgh Steelers. All three teams would draw in a fairly massive audience and likely create a great first matchup on Sunday Night Football.

The schedule below will be updated with any leaks, along with the sources. When the official times and dates are revealed it will reflect that, and the predictions above will be updated as well.

  • Week 1: vs. Kansas City Chiefs (NFL Schedule Leaks, not confirmed) – SNF
  • Week 2: TBD
  • Week 3: TBD
  • Week 4: TBD
  • Week 5: TBD
  • Week 6: TBD
  • Week 7: TBD
  • Week 8: TBD
  • Week 9: TBD
  • Week 10: TBD
  • Week 11: TBD
  • Week 12: TBD
  • Week 13: TBD
  • Week 14: TBD
  • Week 15: TBD
  • Week 16: TBD
  • Week 17: TBD

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